Steel Toe Work Shoes & Boots

Steel toe work shoes and boots are designed to protect your feet from being crushed by falling objects or being punctured by sharp objects. 

Anyone who works in an industrial environment should be wearing these to protect themselves from injury and possible death.  They are designed with reinforced toe regions and soles often made of steel.  

Here we will discuss and review some of the most popular steel toe work shoes and boots on the market.  

We will be concentrating on men’s footwear here, looking at shoes, ankle boots, combat boots and rubber boots/wellies. 

If you would prefer sneaker/trainer style, visit the recreational safety shoe section.  All of this footwear is rated at least 4 out of 5 by users.

Smart Steel Toe Work Shoes

Steel toe work shoes can be discreet.  There are some great products on the market that look like regular shoes, but benefit from all the necessary reinforcements you might need, while still looking smart.  Whether you are going for the executive look or are after shoes that work for both smart and casual, here are some of our favourite steel toe work shoes.

Dr Martens Original Lace Up

Dr Marten steel toe work shoes

Classic design from a classic designer.  Rubber soles & padded collar. Average rating 4/5

US Reviews  On Sale $99

UK Reviews  On Sale £66

Timberland PRO Lace Ups

Timberland steel toe work shoes

Slip-resistant rubber sole provides consistent, static dissipative performance.  Average rating 4.3/5

US Reviews  On Sale $72

Timberland Titan PRO

Timberland pull-on steel toe work shoes

Powerfit comfort system and rubber sole.  Average rating 4.4/5

US Reviews  On Sale $114

UK Reviews  On Sale $88

Dr Martens Gunby Shoes

Doc Marten steel toe work shoes

Water resistant, anti-microbial lining, removable insole and padded collar.  Average rating 4.6/5

US Reviews   On Sale $106

Ankle Safety Boots

If you are after a pair of ankle high steel toe work shoes for that bit more support, have a look at these:

Timberland PRO Steel Boot

Timberland PRO safety boot

Premium waterproof leather.  Anti-microbial lining, thinsulate insulation.  Traction rubber sole.  Average rating 4.3/6

US Reviews   On Sale $89

MIG Safety Work Boots

MIG Safety work boots

Steel toe & midsoles. Anti-slip soles. Oil, chemical and petrol resistant sole.  Shock absorbent.  Average rating 4.5/5

UK Reviews   On Sale £13

CAT Second Shift ST Work Boot

Caterpillar second shift safety boot

Climasphere lining, slip resistance, electrical hazard suitable.  Black, brown or honey.  Average rating 4.4/5

US Reviews   On Sale $67

UK Reviews   On Sale £116

CAT Dimen Hi Safety Boot

Caterpillar Dimen Hi Safety boot

Slip resistant sole and steel toe.
Light yet strong. Available in black or honey colour.  Average user rating 4.5/5

US Reviews   On Sale $43

UK Reviews   On Sale £40

Dr Marten Original ST Boot

Original Doc Marten ST boot

Steel toe, lace up design.  Light weight.  Has a steel toe but not a safety boot.  Average rating 4/5

US Reviews   On Sale $97

UK Reviews   RRP £94

Keen Utility Steel Toe Work Boot

Keen Utility Safety boot

Waterproof with Dri-Lex lining.  Oil & slip resistant.  Electrical hazard protection.  Brown or black. 
Average review 4.3/5

US Reviews   On Sale $116

Combat Style Boots

If you are looking for more support and protection around the ankle and shin than standard steel toe work shoes, these combat style boots are the best option.

Caterpillar Indiana 8” Boot

Caterpillar Indiana Work Boot

Electrical hazard approved, slip resistant, removable insole, breathable lining. Average rating 4.3/5

US Reviews   On Sale $60

Cat Supremacy SPB Safety Boot

Caterpillar Supremacy Safety boot

Steel toe and foot plate. Slip resistant sole.  Side zip for ease of use. Black or honey colour.
Average rating 4.6/5

UK Reviews   On Sale £80

Timberland Pro Titan

Timberland PRO titan boot

Waterproof, electrical hazard protection.  Oil & slip resistant sole. Alloy toe.  Average rating 4.8/5

US Reviews   On Sale $146

Tornado Steel Toe Combat Boot

Tornado Steel Toe Combat Boot

Steel toe cap and mid-sole.
Waterproof and breathable membrane.  Average rating 4.5/5

UK Reviews   RRP £37

Rubber Boots / Wellies

If you are looking for high, waterproof boots that provide some protection, here are a selection of safety rubber boots aka wellies.

Tingley 15" Waterproof ST Boots

Tingley ST Boot

Flexible boot with tough sole.  Removable insole keeps feet dry.  Average rating 4.3/5

US Reviews   On Sale $15

Dickies Safety Wellington Boots

Dickies Safety Wellington Boot

Steel toe and mid-sole.  Anti-slip sole. Waterproof.  Black or brown.  Average rating 4.6/5

UK Reviews   On Sale £18

The Original Muck Boots

The Original Muck Boot

Steel toe and rubber sole.  100% waterproof. Achilles support panel. 4-way stretch nylon for ultimate flexibility.  Average rating 4.6/5

US Reviews   On Sale $106

UK Reviews   On Sale £65

Blackrock Safety Wellies

Blackrock Safety Wellies

Steel toe and mid-sole.  Washable lining.  Sole resistant to oils & solvent.  Anti-static protection.  Average rating 4.1/5

UK Reviews   On Sale £11

Other Options

Each country has different classification systems for the various types of steel toe work shoes.  These look at the level of protection they provide in terms of puncture resistance, grade of protection, additional electric shock protection and many other features.  You can find out more about these different classification systems for steel toe work shoes to help you choose the right style for you in the Safety Shoes Overview.

You can find out more about steel toe sneakers/tennis shoes in the recreation safety shoes section.

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